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There are different applications for all our programs.

PYP  and  MYP

For the PYP and MYP we have criterias that need to be met in order to be granted admission. These are the criteria that apply to the PYP and MYP programmes:

  • Pupils in international families moving to Boden or the region and staying for a limited time.
  • Pupils in families moving to Boden or the region who have attended an International School abroad for a major part of their education and therefore have a reason to complete their education in an International School.
    Having attended an International Preschool is not a given condition to be enrolled.

Pupils living in Boden municipality and fulfilling one of the criteria above will be prioritized over pupils living in another city in the region when granting admissions.

Applications can be downloaded from the links below.


The International upper secondary program is open for applications in January and February.

If you arrive mid term please contact We do not guarantee enrollment at IP after the regular window for applications has been closed but we do our best to find a solution.

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MYP Application
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PYP Application
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