School life

Here at ISB it’s not only academic development that is important to us, but also creating genuine opportunities to improve outcomes for the local community helping to develop our students in a holistic manner. 

The holistic approach

Service as Action (SAA) and Creativity Action and Service (CAS) are an integral part of the MYP and DP programmes that serve to inspire the links made between the school and the local community. Students are invited to take advantage of the variety of businesses and charitable organisations in Boden and the surrounding areas to ensure authentic creative learning engagements built around improving outcomes for the community. Not only do they focus on local connections but they are encouraged to explore global issues and engage in positive changes. Through these opportunities, they will develop lifelong skills, become more internationally minded and gain a sense of social responsibility. Sustainability is considered to be very important to Boden municipality, which is why we have chosen to integrate the UN’s sustainability goals into these projects.  

Students are also expected to be involved in the PYP exhibition, MYP personal project or in regards to the DP, the extended essay. These experiences are designed to celebrate the individual creativity and hard work of students and allow them to develop their long-term project planning and implementation skills. 

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